Records Request


Records Request

Public records requests made to LACDHS that reference confidential/sensitive information (a.k.a., Personal Identifiable Information (PII), Protected Health Information (PHI), or any other sensitive matter) must be requested by the individual(s) listed on the records.   Information protected under Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) or the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), must prove that they are the individual making the records request.  Our Records Manager will reach out to the contact information provided to verify that you or an individual with authority to do so is the requester.  

  1. Records Request Form: Use this form to indicate the details of the record you are requesting as well as how the fee for the request will be paid.
  2. Records Request Payment: Record request fees may be paid using a check or money order (payable to Las Animas County Dept. of Human Services). Please do not send any cash or fax or email any credit card information.
  3. Proof of Party: Release of Information (ROI) Form.  If you are not sure if this form is necessary for your request, please contact the Records Manager at 719.941.7016.

How do I submit a CORA request to the Las Animas County Dept of Human Services' office?

To request records in possession of the LACDHS office, send a detailed, written request by mail or email to:

219 S. Chestnut Street
Trinidad, CO 81082
Email: michaelg.aragon@state.co.us

In making your request, it is helpful to include the following:

  • Your name and mailing address.
  • Your phone number or email address so that we can contact you if we need to clarify your request.
  • A detailed list or description of the specific records that you are seeking, including search terms and a date range.

Mailed communications will be answered when received by staff available to process them in the office. The more specific your request is, the faster we can complete it. Being specific also helps us to avoid giving you too much or too little information.

Records Request Form

Per the Las Animas County Department of Human Services (LACDHS) Records Management Policy, and in conjunction with our Records Request Policy, any individual or organization requesting documents which may be considered confidential or sensitive MUST complete this form.  Once completed, our Records Manager will reach out to you to confirm your request.

Please note that all Records Requests, to the best of our ability, will be fulfilled within 10-15 business days. If a delay in the records request exists, the Records Manager will contact you directly by email.

A Release of Information Form MUST be returned to the Records Manager before records are released.

Our county Attorney will review all requested documentation to ensure accuracy.  

A copy fee may apply and will be based on current rates per page at the time of the request, but WILL NOT exceed more than $0.25/page.

By submitting this form YOU certify that you are the primary recipient of the requested documents or an authorized agent representing the primary individual for which the documents contain information. Further, you hereby release the Las Animas County Dept. of Human Services from any legal responsibility or liability for the release of information to the extent as authorized herein on in your official Confidentiality Agreement which will be submitted to LACHDS upon receipt.


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