Road and Bridge

The Road and Bridge Department maintains slightly over 1,500 miles of roads, 1787 signs, 231 bridges, 1016 cattle guards and 2,500 culverts.

The County is divided into 5 districts "shops/areas." Each shop, for the most part, maintains the road segments and structures in their area. The Trinidad shop houses the main office and equipment repair shop. To the left are the phone numbers for each shop.

Permits are required for the installation of cattle guards, electrical power, pipelines (water, gas, oil etc.) that will be placed within the County Right of Way and accessing (driveway) onto County roads.

Office Hours
Monday - Thursday
6:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


County Map of Shops
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County Map of Shops


Shop Locations

Aguilar Shop
219 South Santa Rita
Aguilar, CO 81020
Phone: 719-941-4137

Branson Shop
301 Branson Street
Branson, CO 81027
Phone: 719-946-5521

Hoehne Shop
44680 Cty Rd 38
Hoehne, CO 81046
Phone: 719-846-4610

Kim Shop
250 Hwy 160
Kim, CO 81049
Phone: 719-643-5244

Segundo Shop
10450 Hwy 12
Trinidad, CO 81082
Phone: 719-846-4842

Trinidad Shop
2000 N. Linden Ave.
Trinidad, CO 81082
Phone: 719-846-2931


Permit Payment

After completing permit, please make online payment at:

Payport for Road and Bridge Permits.

Contact Brandi Bowman at 719-846-2931 for R & B's electrical permit lineal foot charge of $.50/LF