Title, Registration, & Renewal

How to Avoid the Lines

The least busy times are Tuesday through Thursday and not the last week of the month. The end of the day is also very busy. You could also Skip the Trip.

2 or more titles require appointment only, or title work may be dropped off.

New title work documents required:

  • Current title
  • Proof of insurance
  • Proof of residency (driver's license, cable or utility bill, or lease or mortgage)
  • VIN inspection for out of state titles (if lien exists, current registration)

VIN Inspections 

All vehicles purchased outside the State of Colorado must have a VIN inspection prior to being titled.  


Click on the link below - Vehicle Services - Registration Estimator

Registration Estimator


Taxes and Fees

Entity Rate Purchase or Lease
State of Colorado 2.9% All
Las Animas County  1.5% All
City of Trinidad 4.0% All
Town of Aguilar 3.0% All


Collection of Ownership Tax 

Vehicle Age Tax
1st Year of Service Taxable Value x .021
2nd Year of Service Taxable Value x .015
3rd Year of Service Taxable Value x .012
4th Year of Service Taxable Value x .009
5th-9th Yr of Service Taxable Value x .0045
10th Year & Greater $3.00

Information is here for Specific Ownership Tax.

Trailers, Campers, Trailer Coaches , Trucks and Special Mobile Machinery (SMM) Equipment are in a different tax class and subject to a different Specific Ownership Tax scale.


Filing Fees

Fee Type of Document
$7.20 Title Fee
$5.00 Per printed page up to 8.5 x 14 inch paper



Per printed page larger than 8.5 x 14 inch paper

Dealer for Resale Title


Late Fees 

Late fees may apply when a registration renewal is not completed within the designated time period. Visit the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles website for more information.

Motor Vehicles
Registration of a newly purchased vehicle is due within 60 days of purchase. Late fees will be applicable if the vehicle is not registered 61 days after purchase. Late fees are $25 per month, with the total amount not exceeding $100 (four months). Renewal of your motor vehicle registration is due in the month of expiration. A grace period of one month after the expiration is allowed. This grace period does not apply to temporary permits. A late fee will be imposed on a registration renewal transacted after the one-month grace period. The late fee is $25.00 per month, with the total amount not exceeding $100 (four months).

Non-Motive Power Vehicles
Included in this category are trailers, camper trailers, multipurpose trailers, trailer coaches and special mobile machinery, that weigh up to 16,000 pounds and are taxable. For any type of trailer, this is the empty weight.

The late fee on non-motive power vehicles is $10 total, effective July 1, 2010. When there are late fees accrued prior to that date, those fees are added to the late fees incurred after July 1, 2010. These late fees, however, may not exceed the limit of $100 total. Late fees on commercial vehicle trailers and farm vehicle trailers could be reduced or waived if these trailers have been idled for a full registration period.