Emergency Allotments to SNAP Benefits Ending in February

Attention: Due to recent congressional action, the temporary increase to SNAP benefits, also known as emergency allotments, is ending. February will be the last month the temporarily increased SNAP benefits will be paid. Most SNAP households will receive lower monthly benefit amounts; this is not due to a change in your household. Read More about Emergency Allotments to SNAP Benefits Ending in February

Fire Restrictions - Stage 1



Welcome to Las Animas County founded in 1866

Boasting a population of just under 15,000, Las Animas county is located in the southeastern portion of Colorado. The county takes its name from the Mexican Spanish name of the Purgatoire River, originally called El Río de las Ánimas Perdidas en el Purgatorio, which means "River of the Lost Souls in Purgatory." The county seat is located in Trinidad. Brochure link about southern Colorado and Las Animas County. Additional information can be found at Colorado Encyclopedia.