Adult Protective Services


Adult Protective Services

Speak Up for At-Risk Adults

At-risk adults are individuals over 18 with disabling conditions or seniors who are victims of abuse, neglect or another mistreatment.

  • At-risk adults may have problems with their health and safety because they cannot care for themselves.
  • At-risk adults may not be able to protect or care for themselves because they cannot understand or do not recognize there is a problem.
  • At-risk adults may be abused, neglected or taken advantage of by people they trust and rely on for care.

What is abuse?

  • Physical abuse is hitting, slapping, pushing, kicking, burning, confining, or restraining an adult.
  • Sexual abuse is sexual activity or touching without the adult’s consent or understanding.
  • Financial Exploitation is the use of an at-risk adult’s money or property for another’s an advantage.
  • Neglect is a lack of food, shelter, clothing, or care provided to an at-risk adult by a caregiver.
  • Self-neglect is the inability or unwillingness of an at-risk adult to care for herself or himself. The choice of lifestyle, by itself, does not indicate self-neglect.

Warning Signs of Abuse and Neglect

  • Sudden Changes in behavior, finances or lifestyle
  • Physical injuries, dehydration or malnourishment
  • Extreme withdrawal, depression or anxiety
  • Absence of basic care or necessities
  • Kept away from others
  • Unsanitary living conditions
  • Personal items or money missing

It’s OK to Speak Up! Reports are confidential


To Report Concerns

Contact as Animas County Sheriff's Office at 719-846-2211 or Trinidad Police Department at 719-846-4441

Phone: 719-846-2276 Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., excluding holidays

Crisis Line: 719-846-4441, after hours, weekends, holidays

If it is an emergency or an urgent situation, please contact law enforcement at 911.

What Happens When You Report?
  • A caseworker may get more information about the reported abuse by calling or visiting the at-risk adult or other interested parties.
  • A caseworker may help the adult get needed services that may solve the problem.
  • The caseworker may provide you with helpful information.

An at-risk adult has the right to refuse protective services.


For additional information:


Colorado Aging & Adult Services
Adult Protection 303-866-2800 (voice, TTD)

The Colorado Coalition for Elder Rights & Adult Protection
303-866-2849 or 1-800-773-1386